Being Outdated is Outdated

I read a post recently about how the conventional notion of masculinity was outdated. And what struck me as fascinating, was not the actual arguments this person was making, but the implications of the claim that masculinity was outdated. Now if you believe in Relativism then be warned that this post is contrary to the way you perceive the world. This post is not about masculinity. It is about the notion that the idea of something being outdated is wrong and to put people on guard when they hear something called outdated. When you hear it, question the new way or learn from the past.

If we reject relativism we must realize that when we claim that something is outdated we are either claiming that the way we were doing it in the past was wrong and was always wrong or that the new way we are doing things may be wrong and we do not know it. If we knew it was wrong we wouldn’t be doing it, or at least trying not to do it.

If anyone has any counter arguments I would love to hear them in the comments section. Please don’t make this a Relativistic versus Absolutism argument.


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