Our Name Sake (Righteous Fulfillment)

That name of this blog, Righteous Fulfillment, is something I have been looking for. This fulfillment must be righteous because I believe righteous fulfillment will be the most satisfying. Now the idea for this blog was hatched late at night after a bout of depression, despair, and melancholy, but at the end of that dark tunnel I had an epiphany, which has become the motto for this blog: “Whatever we would GIVE OUR LIFE for, is what makes LIFE WORTH LIVING!” Let me explain this a little further.

What does the cliche of a man dying for what he believes in teach us? Well, if a man, or woman, is willing to die for something, it is, be definition, more important than life, or in other words, these things, in which he believes, are what makes life worth living, for if they no longer were around, for whatever reason, the person would offer up his life to have them again.

Right off the bat I have to say that killing yourself to be reunited with a loved one is not the right decision.

Now we must explore what type of things should and or are in this category of things we would die for. For I do believe that there will be a universal truth in this group. A generalization that will be true of these things that are in this group will be that they will all be good true things. Notice that these things must be good and true and that I said earlier in this paragraph that this is the exploration of things that SHOULD and OR ARE in this category. I must outline this clearly because there are obvious examples of people dying for things which they thought were good, but were not true. This I would say is fulfillment, but not righteous fulfillment. An example is the Nazis. They thought they were doing good by ridding the world of gypsies and Jews, but it was false. To them good, but in reality false.

What fits into the categories of good and true is a whole other debate, but I will share with you what I believe this encompasses. As mentioned earlier loved ones are something that many feel strongly about and would give their life for. But, I think that is an extension of something more basic. Loved ones are ones we love and the loves entails goodness. I would propose and take this to be true that being good is better than life itself. Remember though this goodness must be true for it to be righteous and that we still haven’t given a definition for what good is. But I believe morals and therefore goodness are things we can intuitively grasp and don’t really need a definition for. This is called moral intuitionism.

I hope this post will supply you with some questions and answers for your life and to get you thinking about martyrs, suicide, and morals, all which will eventually be featured in posts on our blog. Please leave a like and or comment if this got the cogs in your mind turning and let us know what your thought or what brings you righteous fulfillment. Until next time: stay righteous, stay fulfilled.

– Liam

Senior Editor




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