Teatro ZinZanni (Seattle)

Last week was my parents’ 20th anniversary and my mother surprised our family with a trip to Teatro Zinzanni in Seattle.  Now usually I don’t like surprises. I actually hate them. I like to be prepared: pack a first aid kit, extra shirt, and maybe some extra food. But in this case It was a very pleasant surprise.

Teatro Zinzanni is a combination of a circus act, comedy show, and cabaret all performed during a five course meal. The featured show at the moment is an adaptation of Alice in Wonderland and will be showing until the end of March.

For a public event like it was, the food was very good and they did have a vegetarian option out there for those of you who prefer that. The main five courses are all included in the ticket, which start and 84$ and go up to 149$, but drinks and extras do cost extra and there is a 8$ tip required by each attendee. The majority of the show happens in the center of the tent/building and the most expensive seats are closer to the middle. We experienced the show from the “middle class” seats and were very satisfied. If you just want to go for the show, I  would recommend the cheap seats, but the downside is that there are some interactions with the crowd and the outer ring, the cheap seats, it appeared were left out of those.

Another thing to note was that there didn’t seem to be an established dress code, but I would recommend dressing up in a suit with a tie. There are fewer and fewer occasions for the average Joe to get dressed up and this, this is one of those occasions. It will definitely make you feel like you are in the early 1900’s and dressing the part makes the experience more real.

They hold shows Wednesdays through Sundays and do have matinee showings which are a little cheaper and about an hour shorter. But I wouldn’t recommend those if you could go see the whole show. When booking and evening, make sure you book your tickets acouple weeks in advanced.

My final verdict on the show is that I do think it was a little overpriced, but it was so good that it almost makes it worth it and I will be recommending this show to everyone I talk to to in the next couple weeks. I would give it a 5 out of 5 and I cant wait until they introduce a new show so I can go again.

To go to the website click on this link Teatro ZinZanni, or copy and paste this url.  https://zinzanni.com/seattle/



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